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about the artist

I am a self taught artist with a passion for painting and photography. If there isn't a brush in my hand, there's a camera in its place. My first creative love was photography. I still remember the day my father bought me my first camera. I took that camera everywhere pointing and shooting, adjusting the focus and exposure. After a trip to Europe I challenged myself to try to recreate the photos with a brush and paper. The result blossomed into a love for watercolors. Years later a painting caught my eye and reignited my love of art. It was acrylic on canvas, something I had not tried in the past. I bought some acrylic paints, canvases, new brushes, palette knives and, of course, an easel. I immersed myself in learning different techniques. This would be the first time I would paint with no "end result" in mind. Painting whatever I felt in my heart, inspired by my travels, music, my life. Recapturing places I had been, imagining ones I have yet to see, including the depths of my own emotions.

For me, ART is a journey with no particular destination. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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